• Never do hear gunshots. But 3 or 4 months ago there was a shooting a couple of houses from me and I did not hear it. I only saw several police cars on the corner. Found out later what it was about.
  • Never, but then I don't live in the USA
  • Please, I have sporadic PTSD over my last neighborhood, don't remind me. Living in fear 24/7 took its toll, without a doubt.
    • Subject 89P13
      Yeah, been there. It took many years for me to not dive behind the furniture (inside) or hit the dirt (outside) at backfires. It took me years to get over it but, in time, I did. Good luck to you.
    • Linda Joy
      I suffer from PTSD as well. Any unexpected loud noise will cause an adrenaline dump. But I don't fear death I welcome it. You're both in my prayers.
  • 10/19/17 Quite often but I am rural, probably could be called "in the woods" and there's a lot of hunting. I do have 4 neighbors, since this is a house w/ 3 apartments underneath it. Other than that, within a mile I think there are 3 dwellings. Dunno if where I live could be referred to as a neighborhood. I'll take this any day over gang central, where I lived years ago and had lots of scarier gunfire.
    • Linda Joy
      Here it's only about every 3 to 6 months.
  • In my area no but across the city in some of the rough areas will occasionally hear them at night.
  • In my area now, depends on the time of year. My last neighborhood? Every damn day.
  • The only time I ever hear gun shots is new years
  • i never do unless theyre doing it and i think its fireworks
  • Twice a day. Three times on a Sunday.
  • i never have that i know of unless they sounded like fireworks

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