• You need to set limits when you're in a relationship. Friends don't hangout at your place when you're in a relationship. And Dude is NOT your friend!!
  • You had a girlfriend, a dog and future plans and you lived together. AND YET YOU HAD A GUY FRIEND COME OVER ALL THE TIME. You started it! What the heck were you thinking? Why weren't you and your lady out riding bikes, going to the movies, inviting couples over for BBQs, having game night with friends, cuddled on the couch watching movies together, jogging together, taking a picnic dinner to the park, blah blah blah. You ignored her, you ignored the relationship and you encouraged someone to be around constantly. Instead of taking responsibility for ignoring her you did nothing. You should have said you mean more to me than life and I don't want to be a jerkweed anymore by not working on our relationship so I'm only going to see my friend at McDonalds for coffee or the bar for a beer once a week. The rest of the time it's you and me babe. But your selfishness got you where you are. I don't feel sorry for you. You are responsible for your own predicament.

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