• I think that depends on whether you hoard it or share it.
  • No. What you do with it might be though.
  • not at all, id love that since ive been out of work
  • Some folks identify their worth with their finances. That can be a problem.
  • Obviously never.
  • I love that suffering
  • If you don't acquire the money too quickly people tend to simply upgrade their lifestyle. They move into a bigger house, drive nicer cars, go on more elaborate vacations, give more money to charity, go out to dinner more often, etc., etc. They basically increase what they spend on a regular basis to the point where they eventually feel broke again. People who get super rich overnight (i.e., win the Lottery) frequently have huge problems and end up bankrupt in a matter of a few years, Harmful.
  • Definitely harmful. Trump has too much money and look what it's done to him.
  • Money is bad if it becomes an obsession and, in turn, the focus of one’s worship. When money hinders our ability to provide emotionally and spiritually for ourselves and the members of our household, then it distracts from the important things and turns into something harmful (1 Tim 6:10, Heb 13:5). Some people just have a knack for generating a lot of income while upholding their scriptural obligations and maintaining their relationship with God. King David was filthy rich and managed to worship and serve God. His son, Solomon, was rich and extremely wise until he became distracted later in life. Jesus never experienced material wealth, yet, he is considered by some to be the most influential human to walk the face of the earth. Money in and of itself is not bad, the Bible describes it as a protection (Ecc 7:12).
  • depends on what youre using it for
  • Not at all, you just need to learn the art of managing it.
  • You lose happiness finding things to do maybe.
  • depends on what youre doing with it, if youre buying drugs with it then it is
  • You cannot globally answer that question for everyone. You do not know everyone. Some people don't do well with money and some do exceedingly well with it. Bill Gates is one of the wealthiest men alive. He also is a big time philanthropist. Without people like him donating a lot of things wouldn't get done. "With fellow billionaire Warren Buffett, Gates is leading the charge to encourage the world
  • it depends. most of the rich people in life are some of the saddest people.

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