• As a younger teen- Anywhere there weren't any adults! A house with no parents, the woods, the parks and beaches. Sometimes the mall. And we happily walked everywhere haha
    • Linda Joy
      I remember my sister and I walking all around downtown Des Moines when we were just in grade school the two of us and a few of our friends no way I'd let my kids do that now!
    • Linda Joy
      And as teenagers we hang out at the skating rink. Sometimes going every Friday and Saturday night. Lots of fun
  • at home, my parents didnt seem to want us hanging out with friends
    • Linda Joy
      Probably safer that way!
  • We went to drive in restaurants after having gone to the movies (usually at the passion pits). Because most all the girls had curfews we guys would meet somewhere and take off for Mexico and Boy's town to drink a few beers and have sex with the prostitutes. This was back in the 1950s. All that fun is now gone.
    • Linda Joy
      Was there music involved?
    • Thinker
      i guess we listened to the juke box. Although my 51 Ford had a radio it was seldom on because it was a tube type radio and would run the battery down quickly unless the engine was running.
  • On the ocean, working everyday I had on the boats.
  • With my ROTC compadres. On the drill field, on the rifle range, at Showbiz Pizza playing video games, playing chess, or with those of us who'd read and discuss books in the library.
    • Linda Joy
      Are you still in touch with any of them? How well do you shoot? Which video games? Which books?
    • Anoname
      Expert marksman way before ever joining the Marines. My two best friends (both named Paul) were in ROT-C with me. Played whatever games Showbiz had at the time. One of the Pauls worked there as a technician. He'd set us ROTC guys up with 30 free tokens per game. I never spent a single quarter yet played all day. Mystery books.
    • Linda Joy
      4/4!?! Shocked and amazed! Thank you! :D
  • at the library a lot
    • B.H. Wilson
      Me too. But no one called me a nerd, I was a 'hood', that is a bad-ass type of guy. Then I got into motorcycles, and 'hood' stuck.
  • Expensive resorts mostly!
    • Linda Joy
      Were you Jonsey on MSN's Q&A?
  • didn't realize I answered already.
    • Linda Joy
      LOL I've done that before!
  • Prison.
  • With 2 friends..
    • Linda Joy
      In the neighborhood?
  • places like the library and the movies
  • From about 15 - 18 years old, the popular hang out was cruising the strip every weekend, and we would stop at a nearby lake and a pool hall, pinball place nearby called The Great Entertainer.
  • nnostly with nny twin sister, we'd go places like the library
  • I,m ashamed to say, I wasn’t brought up right .. but I had lots of buddies
  • For lunch break hour at school we walked to the convenience store about 200 yards away, and after buying up sodas and snacks we'd hang out in the laundromat which was adjacent, all while toting an enormous 80's jambox blaring Motley Crue, Ratt, etc.

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