• This is a case of majority rules. Up until recently the majority of people just looked upon it as historical memorials. Now, the national consciousness is looking at them in a different light. If the majority of American's now see it as offensive then the offence should be removed. This majority rule does not apply to everything. The majority should not be able to impose it's will on morality issues.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Do books go next? Uncle Tom's Cabin, maybe? Where does it end? And since when does this go by majority? If that's the case, the majority can vote on whatever they like at the time, right? Something like, say, blacks can't vote. Shouldn't we learn the lessons of the past?
    • Anoname
      Schools have already banned Uncle Tom's Cabin and others. Again majority rules does NOT - I repeat NOT - go for everything. In the case of statues, however, it makes sense. People walk and drive by those smaller monuments daily. If the majority of people don't want to see them and find it upsetting should we force them to have to be reminded of what they perceive them to represent ?
    • Hardcore Conservative
      So, only the things that you agree with are cool? And I guess we're all okay with scrubbing down American history that way we can repeat it.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Anoname, how about since they are the party of slavery and Jim Crow, we ban the Democratic party? Their history is rife with examples. Let's get rid of them next.
    • Anoname
      Not to the extremes of your examples.
    • Archie Bunker
      How about if a majority of voters say so? If we can get 51% of the population to ban the Democrats because they are offensive given their history, would you be cool with that?
  • Trump is correct. Where DOES it end? Those short sighted leaders in the war on American history think that they can erase history but they can only hide from it. The whole thing almost has a sort of ISIS ring to it. Blow up this, tear down that and burn the rest. The primary complaint is that any vestige of the Confederacy should be completely erased because the Confederacy supported slavery. Washington owned slaves so I suppose these people would remove Washingtons statue from the Capitol rotunda. When that's done do we knock down the Washington Monument? When that's done maybe the name of the Capitol should be changed from Washington DC to just. plain DC. Some of the workers who built the White House were slaves maybe it would be a good idea to tear it down. Jefferson owned slaves so that leaves us with the dilemma of what to do with the Jefferson Memorial, Monticello and the University of Virginia and the Declaration of Independance. Oh yes, lets not forget Mt Vernon and Mt Rushmore. Maybe we can replace Washington and Jefferson with Joe Biden and Al Sharpton. I understand that someone has proposed removing the Confederate figures from Stone Mountain in Georgia. So where does it end? Tear down this remove that and change the names of the streets on Ft Hamilton. Hamilton didn't own slaves but he certainly didn't try to abolish it. Does that qualify him for erasure? National Park Service has its work cut out for it in erasing the connection of Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington House (Curtis-Lee Mansion) George Washington and Robert E. Lee. Not to mention ALL THOSE BATTLEFIELDS! One last thing. Since it was Jeffersons letter to the Danbury Baptists that gave us the phrase "...a wall of separation between church and state..." Does this mean that we don't have that any more? Shortly after the movie "Titanic" was released. On hearing the song "My Heart Will Go On" for the zillionth time someone finally said, "Hey, the boat sank. Get over it." So I say to those who would rewrite history . . . Get over it!
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Tom, like I commented above, if the left wants to erase all signs of slavery from out past, we need to ban the Democratic party. They voted for Jim Crow laws, the expansion of slavery, fought against segregation in our schools, and championed the war against the Indians. Why don't we erase all that? Erase Robert Byrd from all the West Virginia schools and bridges. Being a Grand Wizard in the KKK is reason enough, right? Even if Hillary Clinton called him her mentor? Well, I guess it's only SOME vestiges that they want to erase.
  • Yes. They should be crushed and pissed on to, ensuring all semblance to the racist/bigoted past is removed. After all it's what we do with pedophile priests and other historic crimes. Trying to claim that some crimes are worth preserving as "history" is why we need to string boomers by their ankles.
    • Archie Bunker
      So lets get rid of the political party that supported all that segregation. Good thinking.
    • mushroom
      Political parties change. Bronze and granite do not. To quote Indiana Jones "That belongs in a museum."
  • You can change the future, and you can pass a law to change the past, but it won't change the past. You can erect a statue or tear down a statue, and all that accomplishes is changing the way things look.
  • No, we shouldn't be tearing them down, history is our teacher. The president is right.
  • Most definitely, America is no longer Americanized. The statues are meaningless to many leftists. Eventually, more statues will get torn down by its culture change through contact with other cultures.

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