• Move from one house to another.
    • Linda Joy
      Have you only moved once in your life? Why was it so scary?
  • the very first time I gave a haircut in cosmetology school, way back in 1969!!! it was under supervision, and I knew what to do, but it scared me so much!! the girl had great long brown hair.....after I was all done, the supervisor checked it and it was a good cut.....only one problem; I can still hear her comment;......'nice job, but you took off exactly ONE INCH OF HAIR ALL OVER".....and of course laughter ensued.......well, at least I didn't give her a pixie cut!!!!!!
  • nothing lately
  • When I was around 12, the movie, "The Thing" came out. This was the original black and white version (about 1951). It scared me so much I was afraid to go out side my home alone for about a year. I well remember how terrified I was.
    • Linda Joy
      Bless your heart!
  • I'm prone to occasional glimpses into the spiritual world. There were two times I was able to see demonic spirits in rooms. CREEPY!

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