• Being told that your wanted as a fantasy/dream lover. How flattering !!!
    • Linda Joy
      Oooh that's hot!
  • You smell good from a lover.
    • Linda Joy
      Was it your cologne? If so what kind? Or was it just the essence of you? That's pretty hot too!
    • Linda Joy
      Who said that to you?
    • beaker95
  • I was a makeup artist and on the road for 4 years, dealing with beauty salons that sold the product/company I worked shop I went to, the owner said they had heard about me...I asked them if they'd seen me at a trade show? no,,,,,,,'but your reputation has preceded you" time a salon owner said that I was 'the wizard of makeup' now there were two great compliments!!
    • Linda Joy
      My hat is off to the wizard!
  • I was told by few ladies I have pretty eyes the color is between Metallic Blue and Baby Blue Color . I believe my eye color looks like my late Moms
    • Linda Joy
      I've been complimented on my eyes. Mine are green my mom's are blue or gray and my father's are hazel.
  • My father telling me that I was a good father.
  • When I was in my 20s at an United Way volunteer meeting a young man came right up to me and he immediately said I looked just like a cherub. Unsure if that's true. LOL

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