• Good question !! I get that a lot and wish I had a dollar for each one. I think it's because they've already made up their mind and are really only looking for someone to agree with what they were thinking, regardless of how wrong they might be.
  • 7-3-2017 I think they are not really looking for advice. They are really looking for sympathy. For example, lots of people whine about their allergies, and I happen to know how to stop the misery. But when I tell them, they look like I had slapped them in the face. So I don't tell people any more, I just say something like "You poor dear."
    • Linda Joy
      So what is your cure for allergies?
    • Jewels Vern
      You poor dear!
  • Because they just want to hear themselves speak, not you
  • Just like myself, many ABer's are curious to hear what you have to say. Others just ask questions for the heck of it to gain popularity on the AB leaderboard.
    • Linda Joy
      That things a farce! Anybody who wanted to be on the leaderboard can be there. but I was speaking more about real life.
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      Asking for advice personally or on the internet does not change the fact that you are communicating with people. Besides that given fact, congratulations. You're on the AB leaderboard yet again for asking a tremendous amount of questions. AB is about asking questions and answering questions, so ask away if you have nothing better to do.
  • Just talk nonsense
  • cause they thought you would say something else
  • cause they dont want to admit youre right

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