• 6-20-2017
    • Linda Joy
      It's very difficult for me to catch links off my phone they don't work very well in this forum. they constantly jump to the top and the bottom of the page. Especially when they're extended way out to the edge like that. I can look up what Wikipedia thinks what do you think?
    • Jewels Vern
      I never saw the flick, so it's just another dum cliche to me. Nobody knows what love is, but everybody knows you have to take off your pants, but everybody knows there is supposed to be something more to it. And it hurts to think, so they just take some dum cliche and let it go at that.
    • Jewels Vern
      Love is when you are aware of a need and you take care of it.
    • Linda Joy
      Most of the love I give is with my butt covered! And I really like that last comment! Thank you!
  • I'm sorry,.....did you say something?
    • Linda Joy
      Lol! Typical!
  • That's silly. Love means having the courage to say you're sorry and actually meaning it.
    • Linda Joy
      Good answer.
  • First let start out here Love is a form of helping or taking care of someone could be anyone. So saying your sorry really does not apply here. If you want to go on the feeling side of it saying your sorry if the case arises would seem logical if it was warranted
    • Linda Joy
      True! Love is every bit as much a verb as it is a feeling.
  • i dont think thats what it means
  • i dont think thats true
  • It's bullcrap. The sort of crap a romantic who can never get a real relationship would say.

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