• not that i know of
  • That happened to me when I had 4 followers. I could see 3 but not the last one. When I got another follower it caused the follower list to start a new row and I was then able to see my mystery shaddow.
    • Linda Joy
      I guess it's kind of like them cutting off the last line of the questions in the questions list, thanks
    • Anoname
      Now I have 8 followers but can't see the eighth one. Just 7 show.
    • Anoname
      Just lost my eighth follower and never knew who it was.
  • You need to remember that patience is the key around here. When we have a new follower - they will be counted right away ... BUT .. you will not see their avatar on your profile for another day or so.
    • Linda Joy
      But it's more fun to be followed by a ghost!
    • Linda Joy
      As you've probably noticed patience is not one of my strong suits
  • 9-9-2017 I have seven followers. I never heard of any of them.

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