• I can't say when the last time was because I still like to.
    • Linda Joy
      That should make it even easier to remember the last time you did and what you did.
    • Rick Myres
      It is hard to say because I live alone. Lol
  • Every day. I join kids in games and have a blast at their levels. Can't say I ever want to grow up its so much fun. I treated the crew out to a car show and a splash pad today. Have many more days for recreational fun coming up.
    • Linda Joy
      I used to be a substitute teacher and I've taught several Sunday School classes where children were involved so I know what you mean
    • Rose Mystery
      Average day is 20 kids sometimes more. Its a blast. Ages go from 3 months to teens and all the teens just steal the baby's so its never work.
  • Today and every day. Being one from the youngest in a large family has shaped me. I just came in from laying on the grass looking at the moon and feeling and smelling the fresh night air
    • Linda Joy
      Sounds very calming! I like walking barefoot in the grass.
  • Today when I made my coffee so strong every nerve was screaming freedom.
    • Linda Joy
      I used to do that too! I'd go into work and put two scoops of coffee in the basket I'd pour in enough water to fill up my big tall mug let it run through the coffee maker and pour that up in my mug then I'd fill up the pot of water and pour it through the filter again for everybody else! But then I'd have to eat Rolaids all day when I gave up my coffee I didn't need my Rolaids anymore.
  • Pretty much every day at one point or another
  • Last week at my sister's birthday. There was an electrical storm, thunder, lightening and hail. Suddenly the power went out during her party! Opening gifts and having cake in just candlelight was fun and crazy,. We all laughed and had a good time;)
  • A couple months ago I decided to get on the swing at the park., but usually I don’t..
  • All day, every day!

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