• Don't have one as this is no longer the 90's when that kind of crap was the rage These days it's all about chatting to the girl and being empathetic to get her into bed.
    • Linda Joy
      Be still my heart
  • "Can I park my submarine in your underwater harbour." Strangely enough, I am still a Virgin.
    • Linda Joy
      That'd be perfect for a bar in Saint Marys Georgia called Snorkels it's submarine themed. There's a submarine base down there in Kings Bay. I was stationed there for a little over a year on a submarine tender called the USS Simon Lake.
    • beaker95
      No way. That is my real name. Well, half of it. Small world. Anyway, Linda, can I park my submarine in your underwater harbour?
    • Linda Joy
      My ' underwater harbor' is permanently closed. Like the USS Simon Lake it's been decommissioned.
  • If I told you then I would have to pick you up, to cool you down.....
    • Linda Joy
      You keep telling yourself that.
  • How are you? Yes it works that's why I have someone.
    • Linda Joy
      Did you say it like Joey on 'Friends'? Lol
  • dont have one
  • When I was single, I started by asking for the time and then seeing how receptive they were to answering it.

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