• they belong in the big urban cities where alot of people are all over the place.. and they are not really interested in 'working' in the city..
    • Linda Joy
      I have no idea what this means.
  • i think theyre asking for trouble
  • They are taking care of their health. Bras are known to cause breast cancer. A woman wearing a bra 24/7 has a 3 in 4 chance of breast cancer a woman who never or seldom wears a bra the chances are 1 in 168. Just because a woman doesn't wear a bra should be of no concern to others. People especially men, get over yourselves!
  • If the US wasn't so uptight about the natural female body it would be a non issue. I respect the woman's choice how she dresses.
  • I want to see the pictures before I offer an opinion. lol . I'm all for the no bra idea .... provided her boobs aren't peeking out from under her hemline. But really, I agree with Roaring ... It's a woman's choice of what she's comfortable with.
  • Some women don't need a bra - in fact a bra is not recommended wearing for many women. The dyes and shapings of some have been linked to increased instances of breast cancer. A couple of my girlfriends did not wear bra's and they wore what's called a "shelf top" ("shelf bra" in the US) and it's what women have been wearing for hundreds of years before common bra's became the norm.
  • They are probably on their way to shop at Walmart.
    • Lilo Avli
      Savage ! I love it.
  • i think they should, they might attract the wrong guys

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