• Oh careful now, you wouldn't want to be struck by lightening. It might be best to have someone else fiddle with your parts. : )
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      You should just use a small bow, to fiddle in church. And try to do it so it sounds like gospel music, or at least follows that sort of rhythm. You know, like fap fap fap "who-oh-oh Yea!" fap fap fap fap fap "who-oh-oh Yea!! Amen!! And like that. Then be sure and make a deposit in the collection plate and shake the pastor's hand on the way out..
    • Ice man
      Hahahaha !
  • My local Vicar insists on it....
    • Ice man
      Ever notice the choir boys don't smile much ?
    • beaker95
      No, I am usually behind them and cannot see their faces.....
    • Ice man
      So, are those the "Backdoor Boys" ?
    • beaker95
      I want it that way, All I have to give...Does your trailer have a back door....?

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