• No! Church is not where you find any answers, it's all hocus pocus and pass the money plate, nothing more.
    • CosmicWunderkind
      Agreed! Free cake and people to shake hands and talk.
    • CosmicWunderkind
      A realist and I respect that. Long distance body or mind excersize. I just smoked like a fatty and you know that really does help to myself too. No cheers for me I've had 47 years of. Billy Franklin and I were little devils starting a drug cult at age 10 on. Peace brother! But, there's still no excuse for effing up I. Just thinking out loud. Now, throw on some tunes. 1970- 1980 RIP. I hear wine.
  • 3-28-2017 No, but I have been told to go to other places, usually because someone guesses about my mental outlook and doesn't like what they guess.
  • not really but before i started going to church people would ask me to go with them
  • not yet but noone tells me what to do
    • Joretta Cherry
      no-one is the alternative spelling of "no one".
  • "DEATHinately," ? ? ? ?

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