• You're gorgeous girl. Don't let other people take you for granted ;) Just ignore him and stop chasing him, don't bother so much yourself about that kind of guy. There are lots of guys who are more than better for you. :)
    • Cherrylicious91
      I understand it's just hard to let him go even though that's what's best for me because he was my very first relationship and he knows that. And it's just so hard to stop Thinking about him as much as this situation pisses me off, I can't get him out off my mind and I wanna forget about him and stop thinking about him but it's hard.
    • Myang
      Yes. That's really difficult. I understand you for that.. Just take your time. Just let yourself think about him. Just let yourself feel those pains. Let yourself be hurt for that for the time will come that you will become tired. And you'll realize that its enough. Time heals. :* It's not easy to forget but help yourself as well. There are lots of things to do for you to stop thinking about him. We have 24 hours a day. Hope most of it you enjoy your life than wasting about thinking such things that will just make you frustrated. Anyway If you're both for each other. You're for each other. The universe will make a way for both of you. :) Enjoy life :) and be productive :D
  • No that is a silly game. Have a really active and interesting life of your own and not one on the internet. Then you will not be concerned whether you hear from some guy who obviously doesn't find you interesting enough to bother with.
  • 3-18-2017 You talk too much.

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