• Without any details on the position and your experience, employers generally look for areas that provide some education, trade schools, internships and possibly charity and volunteering.
    • Black Mystique
      Also professional references
  • There are many factors other than experience which is required in the job like 1) General knowledge 2) Presence of mind 3) Intelligence 4) Confidence level 5) Good academic record 4) Hard working 5) Honesty 6) Ability to learn new things By having these factors you can easily convince manager that you can do anything that you want.
  • Tell the employer that you're willing to learn and undergo training to understand everything about the specific job you're up to without experience and ensure the employer that you'll master it by couple of weeks or months with convincing eyes, voice and good posture. :D Give your best. To have an experience. You must start doing it. After that terrifying promise words, finish and accomplish those with acts, motivations and good attitude. Hurray!
  • Volunteer to be an intern.
  • Projecting a self confidence and sincere interest in the work you are pursuing. Knowledge in the company as well will benefit. Be real and naturally yourself. You may find that then you and the job that opens up is a match.

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