• Blistex medicated lip balm in the green tube If they are really bad I have used Bag Balm the hand repair miracle in the square green metal can. It doesn't have the greatest smell but it works great. You can get both at the drug store.
    • Myang
      ow. this one? ok. thanks for that.
  • 5-28-2017 Various grease products work well enough, but the back of your hand is just as good. And stop licking your lips. Every time you catch yourself licking your lips, wipe the spit off with your fingers and apply oil from the back of your hand.
  • Stop licking your lips. Coconut oil is antibiotic and will soothe your lips, but keep in mind the more artificial lubricant you put on your lips the less natural lubricant your lips will produce themselves. ChapStick and any other such lip balm is addictive for that very reason.
  • Shea butter.

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