• Seems to me I answered this question once before, but its not here. Is this a duplicate? Its not new.
  • I've yet to meet and bed a woman who has a chest that's 36 JJ or bigger, so, nope.
  • not yet
  • Thought I was almost finished with one of my goals only to find out this morning that is not the case. That feeling of relief was short lived. The thought of 6 more months is sickening. Nothing matters anymore, nothing. By the time I get around to living I'll be dead.
  • Not sure specifically what my goals were but managed to meet the examples you mentioned (house, special vehicle, over seas travel, and avoiding falling off a toilet seat). Other than that I am comfortably retired, my wife can be a bit ornery at times but she's very intelligent and puts up with me reasonably well, own a nice enough house, adult kids are great people as well as being productive and educated, have a suer cute grand kid, and am able to afford a little reasonably good (not great) wine. So far, so good.
  • Not at all. I don’t even know what they are anymore.
  • My most important goal has been to raise a good person, and my daughter who is now an adult is a great person.

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