• yea, those fake jews should leave them alone and the same the other way. im tired of hearing how great Israel is.
  • 2-13-2017 Palestinian = Philistine. The Romans put them there specifically to annoy the Jews. They have always been mortal enemies, even from bible days, and the only way to settle the dispute is for all the people on one side to kill all the people on the other side. The rest of the world should get over themselves and butt the h*ll out of local affairs.
  • OMG are you back?
  • Israel is a racist state, and requires residents (non-visitors) to be of Jewish blood. The land of Palestine was stolen for the Jews by Stalin. The Jews created programs, such as Islam and other monotheistic religions, to keep the populace deprived of spiritual knowledge and the power in the hands of those in the top. Learn the TRUTH: www (dot) joyofsatan (dot) org

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