• I'm going on a limb here, is it blue?
    • ARTICFOX700
      try yellow Blue is a primary color and cannot be created from any other 2, I never knew that either till a few weeks ago. For the record Red, and Yellow are the same cannot be created
  • It depends on whether you mean lights or paints. Your monitor works by mixing red, green, and blue lights on a black background. Your printer works by mixing yellow, magenta, cyan, and black paints on a white background. In the light system, red and green make yellow. In the paint system, they make brown.
  • Is this another one of them frog in a blender jokes?
  • You get yellow
  • Brown. Yellow is also a primary color.
  • Red and green are complementary, so spectrum red and spectrum green pigments make black. Other tones of red and green pigments make greys or browns. Mixing light is different than mixing pigments. Mixing spectrum red and spectrum green light makes yellow light.

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