• i love to swim in the good weather
    • Sammy
      Yes, I would agree. Swimming is a good activity but you have to be careful with the weather. Lots of people love to swim in the outdoors because it has a more effect on your self because you are with nature. You have indoor pools and they wonderful when it cold outside. My family goes to an indoor community pool by they able to open the sliding doors in the summer. When you swimming you exercising you complete body. Every muscle is being use.
    • jessica155
      i go to indoor pool to but goot to lay in the sun and swim to for me how are the family ?
    • Sammy
      The family love to swim. It a serious family bonding with each other. The kids are great, if one of them does not what to go swimming. Let me tell you something. They have that brother and sister sitting on the coffee table and have a round table talk about their issues. Many times they straight out the other child in the family. Many times we parent just let them take care of it. Than everyone going swimming. I love it when a children dealing with another child issues. It builds strong children and help them deal with the issuse of life.
    • jessica155
      the around table meeting sounds awsome idea
    • Sammy
      Just think what happen when the kids put us parents on the round table. Sometimes we adult need a talk too also. Just because we are adults does not mean we are above kids. They see things also we adult need to hear.
    • jessica155
      wish my family did that
    • Josepsh
      I go snokreling ?. .
  • I love to swim. Even though a lot of people have called me a human fish, I still can't seem to master breathing underwater.
    • Sammy
      The breathing issues is many people issuse. It takes a lot of practices in masting it. I been swimming for 30 years and there is times I get concern also.
  • Most certainly I'm a RareCatch A (fish) Dec. 04
    • Sammy
      I notice you are a rare catch. The kids in the lake have try hard for years to catch you. Block you but you still free as a fish. Now they just let you swim around them and have fun.
  • I am 78 years old. I swim 38 laps 3-4 times a week in a 70 foot pool. That's about 1/2 mile. I learned to swim at a very young age and when I was 12 I swam about 2 miles in a pretty cold Lake in the Adirondack you might know the name Raquette Lake. I love swimming, although laps are boring. I live on the ocean in Florida and could swim daily, though I don't.
  • I would if I could but I can't.
  • Only when I am in deep water.
  • I like the swimming sport because of it is a low-impact activity that has many physical and mental health benefits. Swimming is a lifetime sport that benefits the body and the whole person.
  • I love to swim in warm water. Cold water is too hard on these old bones. Also love to swim in clean water, not public pools. The last one I was in cured me. Stuff was floating in the water, people dressed in street clothing were in there. Many did not take a shower first. Yes i saw them enter the water dry. Disgusting. and nasty, nasty. Someday if my hubby saves up his pennies, perhaps we will be able to afford a proper salt water pool. No chemicals would be so nice.
  • Yes. I don't remember learning to swim, I just always have. I've never been on a team. After injuring my right shoulder I had to make adjustments. It was surprising to realize after being able to swim all my life I suddenly couldn't like I used to! haha.
  • no , never been interested in swirnrning since i alrnost drowned as a kid

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