• Backwards? Do you mean by backing into a parking space? It's because it is easier to pull out when you get ready to leave. When you are backing into a parking space you dont have to worry about cars coming around the corner, but when you are backing out of your spot, you do.
  • If yer parallel parking, that's the way they teach you in Driver's Ed.
  • Because it is safer to back into a parking space then it is to back out of one into traffic.
  • so you can easily drive out afterward. my dad does it a lot of the time
  • It is the way you are taught to park by using parallel parking. It is much safer to drive forward into the traffic when you are leaving. You are told never to reverse into the road if there is any vehicle at all moving on the road , this could take ages waiting to reverse out into traffic.
  • Because I know you have a problem with it :)
  • its easier than backing out of one?
  • Because they find it easier to get out. If I was more talented I would do the same (now I just try to pull forward if I can.)
  • Because it delays my arrival to work by a few seconds and allows me to tear as out of there at 4:30 :)
  • In Hawaii, it is illegal to back out into traffic on a main street. In Japan, some parking lots prohibit parking front first. People tend to have more blind spots when backing out of the parking lot.
  • So they don't have to back out and possibly kill and old lady or child.
  • To park.
  • not sure why
  • Three reasons. One, is you have a lot more visibility when you pull out, greatly reducing the possibility of having an accident. Two, is that should you accidentally leave you lights on, you are more likely to see them before you walk away and shut them off. Three, if you don't notice that you left the lights on (or have some other circuit open and drawing current) and your battery dies ... you can easily get a boost to start your car. Most booster cables aren't long enough to reach the battery box from the back of a vehicle.
  • So they can see better pulling out. Or they might need to make a quick getaway! Haha. Or maybe it has to do with the position of the sun so it can melt snow/ice from your winshield or in summer you may want to keep the sun off your windshield and keep it from giving you a hot seat! Hehehe
  • When I was driving a school bus we were required to parallel park or to back into a parking space as it allows more visibility when pulling out of the parking space. The same is true for standard cars.
  • For a quick and safe getaway!
  • The design of most, if not all, vehicles now pretty seriously limits visibility driving in reverse. A lot of pedestrians in my area, especially in parking lots, walk directly in the path of a vehicle already under way assuming assuming they have the right-of-way no matter what. That's obviously very dangerous and if they get hit it can be argued that they deserved it but the driver has greater legal liability. There are fewer pedestrians to worry about backing into a parking stall than backing out of a parking stall.
  • maybe its easier to get into it
  • Sorry, I can't really tell you from experience alone. I have certainly backed into parking places (and into my garage) far, far more times than I could ever count - but it was always by accident.

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