• I'm not familiar with a chemical that strips relaxer from your hair. The best thing to do is to let the relaxer "grow" out instead of using a chemical to remove a chemical from your hair. If you use too many chemicals on your hair there is a strong possibility you can damage your hair. I recommend contacting your hair dresser and if there is a chemical that can remove the relaxer, let them do the process instead of doing it yourself and ask them what possible damage this could do to your hair.
  • You need to get a chemical dissolver. it will work but it is harsh on the hair.
  • To my knowledge you have to grow it out - adding another chemical on top of the relaxer is going to make your hair break off.
  • I cut all my hair off. I was liberating. No more relaxer for me! I don't know of anything that can reverse a relaxer since relaxers essential break the hair down until it's straighten. Adding any additional chemicals would further damage the hair. Cut it off start anew.
  • Just to add to what has already been said -- cut it off. If you absolutely don't want to do that, let it grow out and get frequent trims. However, my best friend was in your boat -- wanted natural hair, had been relaxing all her life. She cut her hair SHORT (actually, I cut it for her, with clippers). She was planning on growing it out or doing dreads, but when she saw how sexy she looked with uber-short hair, she stayed with it! It's scary, but if you have a nice bone structure, it can be a great look. Talk to your stylist about what she recommends for an in-between style. Good luck with your new look!
  • I had color my hair with in 2 weeks and i used a hair relaxer on my hair started to break alot,how can i make my hair stronger now.
  • I had color my hair with in 2 weeks and i used a hair relaxer on my hair started to break alot,how can i make my hair stronger now.
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  • Unfortunately, the only way to remove a relaxer from your hair is to let it grow out and cut it dow to the new growth. Remember the relaxer changes your internal hair structure. There is no product that will reverse the process.
  • Someone once told me to get you some eggs and rub it throughout your hair and that will take out the relaxer! I don't know that to be true! I am a licensed cosmetologist and I suggest frequent shampoos and trimmed ends and eventually you will be natural. When you constantly shampoo your hair you are shampooing a lot of the relaxer out so try that instead of cutting all of your hair off first and see how that goes!

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