• I didn't have children, although I was a stepfather for years. Now I really regret it. The trouble is, I didn't really WANT to be a parent when I was at the normal age for that. Now I have a great sense of loss about that. I work as a volunteer with abused children, that gives me some relief. And I tend to "adopt" kids I meet in the course of daily life, so that's nice too. But never having my own still stings. I envy fathers... and mothers.
  • Oh yes. Only I'd have started sooner and had more. Being a parent has been the very best thing in life for me. It was why I was born. When I brought my first baby home life suddenly made sense to me.
  • yes. parent-hood is 1 of lifes greatest pleasures.i can't imagine not having children.
  • Absolutely! I can't imagine what my life would have been like without them. Most kids, (notice, I said most), will love you no matter what. When your friends don't care, when your spouse dumps you, they are always there. My oldest daughter is a Daddy's girl, and never hesitates to tell me that and that she loves me. My second daughter was so scared of me that she would not even get near me until she was 12-13 years old. If I just said her name, she would start crying, (thank God she outgrew THAT). And, no, I did not abuse her or beat her. She is the sweetest, most sincere person I know, next to her Mom and GrandMa. And, last but not least, my son. He is 16 and knows more than his Mom and I together, but yet, he begs me to play video games with him everyday, and always tells me he loves me when he goes out. They are the best words a person could hear, being called "Mommy or Daddy". My heart does ache for the ones who will never know that joy. Some by choice, some because of medical problems. I worked with a very good friend who could not have children, (because of medical problems). So, I know how lucky I am. But, I also know that some people did the right thing by not having children.
  • Nope. It is rare that I find one that I can tolerate for more than a few minutes. Sometimes I run into one that I can spend a few hours in proximity with before feeling any great annoyance. If I had to spend eighteen years with one, it'd be UGLY.
  • Yes I certainly would.
  • I never wanted children. Having spent many years around children in public settings, I swore I would NEVER EVER have children. My first pregnancy was an accident. My husband and I had been talking about having children someday, but were only thinking about it. To make a long story short, when they put my son in my arms, I looked at him and turned to my husband and said, "We need to do this again." Six months later I was pregnant with my daughter. I personally feel my life has been enriched and I have matured. It's a privilege to be a mother. My life has been filled with so many wonderful moments. I have so many memories and have been the recipient of a type of love I never knew existed. So my answer is most definitely yes. Not only that, I would have had a couple more had I been younger.
  • children have been the source of my greatest joy and pride.
  • I don't think so. I've never really wanted children of my own, and so far, i don't have any regrets. I love children and have had a lot of contact with them, just never really wanted to be a mum.
  • Yes but I would wait until I was older to have them like in my 30's.
  • Yes, and I would have had them earlier. I waited till 29 for my first...big mistake. I loved them so much. I could have had more if I had begun earlier. sigh
  • YES, a thousand times YES! And although I took equal responsibility for raising my daughter, I would want more kids and I would volunteer to be the stay at home dad. OOOOPS. Did I just admit that in PUBLIC?
  • Nope, didn't have any and don't miss that fact. I am watching other people have all the fun and watching from the sidelines.
  • my kids are the bet thing ever happened in my life.. I just wished I would of been married with someone that would be responsible and not leave me and my kids all by ourselfs strugglin...
  • my kids are the bet thing ever happened in my life.. I just wished I would of been married with someone that would be responsible and not leave me and my kids all by ourselfs strugglin...
  • No doubt.
  • Yes, I would! They are my 2 best friends and I don't know what I'd do without them.
  • Most definitely. Not only did I enjoy my daughter as she was growing up, but now we're friends. And even better, I get to spend time with my grandchildren (which are even better than your own kids).
  • Absolutely... I Couldn't imagine life without my children....although I would have waited until I got out of the teenage years before starting my family.
  • Sure would. If anything, I would have had them at a younger age so I could have had more. :o)
  • If I knew that things were going to end up like this? Hell no! The thing is that now I know who the real person is as far as my ex is concerned. If it didn't happen this way, it would have happened under a lot worse of circumstances.
  • No. I am dealing with a sick cat now and my heart is crushed. If this was my child wasting away, my heart would be broken in a million little pieces. Parenthood is for extremely strong people.
  • That is a hard question to answer.I have never had children or have been married.It might have been that I could not see the responsibility of raising someone for 18 years,as apposed to the possible freedom to do what I wanted to do in life.I have done much in my life and it is an adventure because I have no children.I have a few ,but very few guilty feelings,for not having children. It may seem selfish for some ,but I don't feel the need to carry on my family name.
  • Absolutely! I would hope to have more than the three that I have now. Kids are great. They require some sacrifice, but that's what we're on the planet for, as far as I'm concerned. It's good to know that my wife and I have given something back to Society and some of our beliefs will endure.
  • In a heart beat!! I love my kiddos!! If I could, I'd have more!!
  • Absolutley! I have 3 and I can't imagine my life without them. They are a huge reason why I bother to get out of bed every day and why I continue to struggle through life. I don't even want to know what life is like without my kids.

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