• The minds of most men are so closed and cluttered that the slightest showing of a female nipple would cause an uproar..not sure.
  • Sure, I don't have a problem with it. I don't think it can scar children, or the old people who think that it can.
  • No I don't. People's definition of non-sexual varies greatly. Showing a breast is mostly sexual to me. It either means I'm about to be nursed or it's my wife's and it's strictly between us in our marriage. I see my wife's breasts in non-sexual instances as well, but that is still between me and her and not the public or the children. Of what benefit would it be? None, except to decensitize people from seeing nudity. Would it do more good than harm? No, what good would come of it... it would only instill nude images into the minds of youths at an earlier age than is already happening thanks to the internet. Your naked body is yours and should really only be shared with your significant other in my opinion. I can see no benefits to public nudity, sexual or not.
  • I wouldn't condone it. It would be considered very indecent in my opinion, and with everyone walking around nude, there is still the risk of sexual activity happening e.g. squeezing of a boob
  • i think that a lot of the allure of nudity is that it is taboo. if it weren't naughty and illegal to walk around with no pants on "private" parts wouldn't be so enticing, they'd be more everyday and normal. it's like the cookie jar .... don't stick your hand in that cookie jar .... then what's the first thing the kid wants to do?
  • Wow, wouldn't that be one huge orgy party?! I dont have a problem with it at all, although I think it would cause international devastation.
  • I would not have a problem with it if it was in special area.
  • It should be encouraged. Of course at first there will be shock and awe - remember what happened with the "wardrobe malfunction"? However over time things would change. The bikinis worn at the beach today would send people into shock a few decades ago. Today people barely notice. If nudity became more common, people would have less hangups about it and would develop a healthier attitude towards the human body. The porn industry would probably collapse, causing slight unemployment but nothing that we couldn't survive.
  • Yes it should be allowed. The human body is beautiful. It is not sinful or dirty.
  • no, not everyone wants to see that

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