• a rubber ducky. i'm actually not kidding. its a funny gift but something sweet.
  • a key chain, cologne, music CDs... anything that makes you think of him when you see/hear it
  • Men DO like flowers too. Buy him a single red rose.
  • It really doesn't matter what a "just because" gift is, It can be the most simple thing, Personalized key chain Cap with a favorite group or hobby Card even a candy bar anything that shows you were thinking of him will get you alot of sweet smiles and hugs.
  • ok if he drinks beer or just if he drinks there is a company thats makes this original art deco look Pilzner's beer glasses. The company is Ritzenhoff and they definately are a fun collectible for the avid collector or anyone who appreciates fun and artsy glassware. I have given one of my guy friends this as a "just because" gift on several ocassions. He loves them!
  • Ive given my bf a bed spring before now as a 'just because' gift. totally random, but it was a part of a private joke between us (we broke his bed :S ) anyways he saw the funny side and he's kept it and still laughs about it now! also, ive sent him cards in the post just to say 'i love u', a random purple ronnie book of poems,packets of his favorite cookies, homemade cakes, a glow in the dark sheep..... anything that you see that reminds you of him, or you know will make him laugh/smile is a winner, and it doesnt matter how in/expensive it is either(the bed spring was a freebie from a 'Dreams' store), use your imagination!!
  • I give my boyfriend lots of different things...if I'm shopping and see something that reminds me of him I'll get it for him!
  • Even though I have never met your boyfriend, man-law says that I must advocate him and be his mouthpiece. He would really like an 18 volt DeWalt cordless drill. :)
  • Subscription to popular mechanics or wired... I would love that!
  • ... try some of these books ... .
  • Well I got my boyfriend a card and made him a cd with some songs that he likes to give him next time I see him but I also got him a mini Mush A Belly stuffed monkey that gives kisses.
  • Something made from your heart, something from you like a card just to say i love you
  • Give a card and the foods he like..that's very sweet!
  • Fancy chocolates never piss anyone off(and you get to enjoy too)
  • personalized card made from you especially. and one of his favorites (shirt? accessories or so on)

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