• An egg that's been steamed and fried.
  • When eggs are cooked in a thin layer of fat, heat is directed at them only from below, If the eggs are served sunny-side up, the cook's task is to ensure that the tops of the eggs cook at the same time the bottoms do, so that the thick rings of white surrounding the yolks set before the undersides burn. Basting the eggs by spooning fat over them will help cook the tops. In addition, you can cover the skillet with a lid to reflect heat downward, as shown in the top demonstration at right. Reference Link: Taken from an older AB question HERE:
  • I suppose we make "basted eggs" all the time but never knew what they were called!!! Fry bacon or sausage. When done, drain most of the grease from the skillet. Break eggs into the still warm or medium-hot skillet (you can just spray pan with Pam without frying meat first). Add about 1 tbsp water for one egg. If cooking more than one egg only use about 1/2 tbsp water per egg. Cover tightly and cook for a minute or so on medium heat till egg white is not shaky and egg has white over the top but the yellow is still soft but cooked.
  • Basted eggs is when you fry up and egg, and finish it by putting a touch of water with it and covering with lid...cooks eggs to perfection thats the only way I cook eggs then I don't have to flip them.
  • A basted egg is one fried in bacon fat Seasonings are sprinkled on as soon as you start cooking and the hot bacon fat is spooned over the egg to cook the top at the same time while seasoning with the bacon fat. Only a wimp would cover with a lid to steam down. A proper basted egg will have that fat ladled over it six to ten times to get both the flavor and cook the top. If you do not use bacon fat top and bottom, it is not basted. Putting a top over it with a bit of water to reflect steam heat down to cook the top and using pam instead of bacon fat on the grill is a sunny side up egg, not a basted egg. david ingram with hot fat spooned over the egg to cook the top at the same time.
  • A sunny side up fried egg is an basted egg.

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