• I know some nurses who use alcohol(not the kind you drink lol)
  • Buy this: I have the same problem, and it kills me. This stuff works like a miracle. You put it on at night, and it shrinks your pores, so you sweat less. Love it!! Oh, and during the day I use this:
  • Try some of the creams like arrid extra dy cream. It's much thicker and may last longer
  • If you have tried everything to no avail, you doctor can perscribe some persciption strength antipersperant/deodorant.
  • If you want something that you can get at the grocery store, try Mitchum Unscented clear gel. It's a men's deodorant, but it works great for sweaty women.
  • Other than an actual perscription from your doctor, there is a new antiperspirant from Secret that works for me about half the time. I sweat quite a lot too and it's the best thing I've found, although it's rather expensive. (About 8 dollars for a stick that's a bit shorter than a regular stick of deodorant.) It's just called Secret Clinical Strength and it comes in a box. Also, gold bond powder will dry you off quickly if you need to. It just doesn't work for very long is all.
  • I have found Mitchum to be very good. If that doesn't work, I would suggest you see a doctor, as ohters have previously advised.
  • Has anyone else heard of this stuff called Crystal? I guess it's some kind of rock salt, and you rub it on daily, and it actually encourages your sweat glands to NOT produce sweat. I have a friend who swears by it, but I have never seen it myself.
  • It sounds like you may have a medical condition called hyperhydrosis, there are pharmaceuticals and even a medical treatment for these symptoms. There is a website that speaks of a medicated ointment called Drysol that may be able to help you more than the standard over the counter crap they try to pawn off on you. Check out the link herein.
  • I used to sweat massively! Try the roll on Triple Dry... you put it on at night and somehow it redirects your sweat back into your body where its broken down without being harmful.... one you're into using it, you only need to use it 3 times a week to stop sweat, then just use normal deo for freshness. The only problem I have is that if you use it too much the skin in ur armpits dries out, but other than that, it's a lifesaver!! I get it from Boots. x
  • I friend who has a severe sweating problem uses a natural crystal. It worked quite well for her. I've tried it too and it works for me but I don't sweat much, only smell. I don't smell at all when I use it. She said she still sweats a bit but no odor. We got ours at a health food store. Most of them recommend dampening them and rubbing under your arm. or wherever.
  • £350 - botox under the arms - doesnt hurt, no sweat for almost a year - worth it if you've shelled out for numerous anti-perspirants that don't actually work. Also psychological - if you know you have something to stop it, it will decrease. :o)
  • I think the botox injections are better in the long run, most people who perspire like that sweat alot elsewhere and can be big problem. I thin the best deodorant has been the ban roll on type. Good Luck
  • I have to use mens deodorant. I have for years. The Mennens Musk smells feminine enough to pass. I've uesd it for a long time.. Womans don't work at all for me:(
  • michum worked for me but only the guys stuff.the smart solid works great it leave no marks on clothes
  • look at the active ingredients. generally whichever product has the highest amount of active ingredient will work the best. I use either mitchum power gel or old spice red zone. make sure they are at least 19%. The ones that are lower arent that effective.
  • i have used a bunch of stuff too. seceret doesnt work not even the spots stuff.i use certian dri at night then in the morning i use arrid extra dry cream then i use michum for men
  • I think it's possible to buy special pads that fit under your armpit and absorb the sweat. The basic idea is like a pantyliner for armpits, and apparently it works very well.

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