• I have never thought of this before. Great question! I think that would lead to many more arts programs, which I feel is important. I'm all for it.
  • I'm from a time when both were felt to be important. I think schools should be concentrating on finding a way to retain both. The elimination of either impact a segment of students to an immeasurable degree.
  • Unequivocally YES!
  • YES! In fact, they should take all the money FROM sports and invest them in the ARTS and SCIENCES! Not many people grow up to be football players, but we need LOTS of scientists and artists of ALL types! Someone has to design our clothes and our buildings!
  • Yes its not fair i take art 4 honers and i have to supply most of my stuff and they should stop favoring some sports
  • It' sonly fair. The arts, especially music is actually more important to learning and maturing than sports. It makes the brain work and the benefits last a lifetime.
  • Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the arts. However, in a country such as the US, where obesity is causing a national health crisis, I don't think sports should be stopped. Secondly, many sports programs are self-funded or at least in part funded by revenue that is generated from the sport itself (ticket sales and booster clubs). I know my high school also had a major Band Boosters club, that generated a lot of funding for the Marching Band and allowed them to go on trips to competitions and such. I think both sports and arts are very important, and we should find ways to support both.
  • The two things are just as important, and they should be treated equally even if one of them is more popular with the mainstream.

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