• show him the medications.
  • Just be upfront with him
  • Just tell him the truth and alway's take your medicine
  • Ask him to read some articles on Bipolar Disorder if you don't feel comfortable with the explanation. Here is the Wiki information. I don't think it's anything to be ashamed of. He's already attracted to you. It shouldn't bother him.
  • there is a very good documentary by steven fry on bipolar and how it affects people maybe he should watch it i can't remember what its called but you can download it from
  • My last girlfriend was bipolar, and no amount of explaining in the world would have prepared me for what I experienced with her.
  • i went through the EXACT same thing...i have bipolar disorder and my fiancee has to deal with my mood swings. I told him about it the first week i knew him...If your boyfriend REALLY loves you he will understand your disorder and he will be a comforting shoulder whenever you need him. tell him what your going through and he will understand. Believe me...and if he doesnt understand then hes not worth it.
  • Kudos to you for wanting to explain this disorder to your boyfriend. Openess and honesty is generally the best start to educating him on bipolar disorder. Share with him what you are like when you have good days, how your medication effects you and even what you feel like on those bad days. Tell him what can trigger your mood to change and what can help you to switch back to a more managable mood. Mostly just share with him how all of this makes you "feel". I have been supportative of family and friends with this disorder and though what they go through is similiar it's also very different for each individual. David Oliver has some awesome information, sign up to receive weekly supportative e-mails on Bipolar Disorder. He helps to support his mother who in afflicted.
  • In my experience, no amount of books or articles I gave my partner made him ready for the true nature of the disorder. The best thing we ever did was have him come with me to a couple of appointments with my psychiatrist and my counsellor who were far better at clearly explaining the illness to him and my own experiences than any book or words from my mouth (as things can sometimes come out a bit disjointed and confused). He also has my counsellor's number to ring if he's worried about something I've done and needs to have it explained or me checked up on.
  • Do you have papers to prove it? Maybe you can get a medical certificate from your Doctor that explains the condition and shows the medication you are talking. It will be something kind of similar to the document your Doctor gives you in order to show that you had a reason for being absent to work.
  • This is a hard one. I'm bipolar, and eventually told my husband during the first few weeks of our dating. Fortunately, he already knew what it meant. But if I had to describe it, I would explain that I am lacking a chemical in my brain that regulates my emotions. Use your hand, and show him that instead of making small ups and downs like some people do, bipolar people switch from one extreme to the other, and it can happen instantly and be caused by anything. A mood (good or bad) can last for minutes or months. The only predictable thing about being bipolar is its unpredicatability. Explain what it feels like to be on one of those emotional highs where everything is amazing and you zip around getting stuff done - and explain what it's like when you're down in the dumps and you can't even motivate yourself to get out of bed and you hate yourself for it. Be honest, detailed, and answer any questions he has. The best thing you can do is go on medication and STAY on medication. Do not go off of it even when you're feeling good, and involve your boyfriend in helping you stay on track. If you want to talk more about this you are welcome to email me at the email in my profile, I am bipolar, like I said, and although I don't know everything I do have my minor in psychology and I have spent a lot of time studying so I could understand the problems that I have.
  • just tell him everything, if he truly cares nothing should matter. i've been in a relationship for over two years and the day after, my now husband, met me i tried to kill myself. nothing can prepare them, but you can always take steps to help them understand what the disorder is by taking him to your appointments and just talking to him.
  • On the Mayo Clinic website, their is a definition of bipolar. print this and present it to your boyfriend. be prepared to talk to him about your condition and how it effects you and the medication you are taking. He will have a better understanding of you and your condition, if he reads it first hand. Sometimes, the written word is so much better than trying verbally to explain.
  • Im bipolar. I was in an abusive relationship, and have children from it. I met a really cool nice guy, he is a marine and has his own things to deal with. I dont like his drinking but I tried to deal with it. But anything he does sets me off. I get depressed and want to give up. He said he is tired of it, and I finally told him that I have been diagnosed 3x. I hate the medications, but that I needed him to tell me things are ok, and that usually got me out of my depression. He no longer wants to do this, and has chosen to be with his friends more and not deal with me. Is this my fault? Is this going to be the rest of my life where I ruin everything? Just nice to know im not the only one out there with bipolar problems.
  • three words, "I am bipolar"
  • I have no IDEA! But im in the same exact situation. I'm bipolar and am trying to figure out a way to explain to him. We have been together for 9 months and he has been trying to understand and help me, but lately the past month or so, he has been very irritable and short with me. He is no longer very supportive or nearly as involved in my life as he was. Resently we talked about it a little bit. He asked me to just explain it to him cuz he didnt understand. I was at a lose for words. I drew a blank and since then i just feel ignored and unapriciated. I dont know what to do. He says he loves me more than anything and i dont want to lose a great boyfriend/best friend over my disorder. i need help

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