• I was wondering myself, and besides the testimonials that the companies give you, I've never from anyone that they worked... Weird, with todays science, we can clone and do all sorts of amazing things, but can't make the penis larger without surgery and a whole bunch of risks and side effects...
  • Nope. All they do is shrink your bank account.
  • I've tried the SizeGenetics System which is reviewed at which works very well.
  • It is important to understand that penis enlargement pills will not necessarily increase the size of your penis. You should also make sure that the ingredients in the pill are not banned or harmful. Penis enlargement pills are more for male enhancement, that is stronger erections, male libido, sexual stamina, sperm volume and things of that nature. L-Arginine is a great herbal ingredient, as well as horny goat weed, and maca root. You can find a lot of information on male enhancement pills at The male enhancement pill that I have used in the past is available at and had some pretty amazing effects.

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