• I would get a water bottle ASAP -- rabbits can get several diseases from their water bowls because of the many germs and bacteria that can be in there, esp. if he gets in it b/c then anything on him will get in there too. rabbits can use a water bottle as early as 2-5 weeks. my baby rabbits used their water bottles starting about 2 weeks. at that point they used a little 8-oz bottle but they soon got up to a 16/32 oz bottle. this is just because of the size of the metal tube.
  • It sounds like your rabbit might be a swimmer. I've seen this before. I had a rabbit who loved her water dish, so one day I put some water in the bath tub....long story short, I had to start letting her "take baths" a few times a week. She just simply loved the water. I've also known people that fill up their kiddie-pools in the back yard, and put their rabbits in it. These rabbits love it. However, most rabbits do hate water so this may sound ridiculous to you. But I swear it's the truth, and maybe you could introduce him to a very shallow bath to see if this is what he likes. Don't ever EVER leave him in the water without your individed attention, of course!
    • mushroom
      Uh oh! You might have one of these:
  • my rabbit had a water bottle and she started to knock it down and i was scared that she wouldnt get any water if a wasnt there and she would get sick so i got her a wate bowl and she loves it but she knocks it over sometimes so i just fill it back up. I think it is normal for your bunny to sit in there. I have a question for you how long have you had the bowl in there because if its new then your bunny isnt used to it and is wondering what it is.!!
  • maybe you should just get another water bottle
  • get a water bottle

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