• It really varies depending on the child. First of all a baby this young should be ONLY breastfeeding (or bottlefeeding) not receiving solids yet. Go with your baby's appetite. At this point your baby should be nursing every 2-3 hours, as s/he gets older (in a month or so) that will probably lengthen to 3-4 hours. If your baby is bottlefed then s/he will be eating less often as formula fills the stomach up faster (this isn't necessarily a good thing, so don't switch to formula if you are breastfeeding). It is a good idea to feed your baby "on demand". When your baby is hungry, nurse him/her. It's truly hard to say what amount your baby should be eating as far as ounces. It really varies depending on the baby. Just pay attention to how your baby is gaining weight (does your baby look well nourished? ) how frequently s/he has wet diapers (at least 8-10 a day. It can be hard to tell this if you are using disposable diapers, but if you get in the habit of checking after every feeding, you will see how often your baby has a wet diaper) and regular bowel movements. The concensus on bowel movements depends on your baby's individuality. Your child should not go longer than 5 days without a bowel movement, but this may occasionally happen. 1-5 bowel movements a day though, is the norm.

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