• Concealer makeup can be used to cover up blemishes, scars and discolored skin. Dermablend is a brand of concealer meant to offer a quick fix to problem areas of the face. As with most make up products, Dermablend products contain a combination of natural and chemical substances.


    Dermablend contains some natural ingredients such as mineral oil, beeswax, Carnauba wax and kaolin, which is derived from a type of clay.


    Some of the chemical ingredients in Dermablend are isopropyl palmitate, stearyl stearate, magnesium carbonate and lauroyl lysine.

    May Contain

    Dermablend may contain titanium dioxide, barium sulfate and iron oxides.


    Dermablend contains an SPF sunscreen with a factor of 15 to 30, depending on what product you buy.


    Dermablend offers a variety of products for all skin types and areas of the body. Each product may contain some of the same ingredients, and all of them may include iron oxides, which may be harmful if overused.


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    Iron Oxide (Dust and Fumes)

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