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    The temperature at which a pork roast is cooked can vary. Some recipes require a pork roast to be cooked at 375 degrees. Others will ask you to prepare a pork roast at 450 degrees or 500 degrees. The temperature of the pork roast being cooked should correspond to the steps and instructions indicated in the recipe that is being used to prepare it.

    On the Other: Pork Basics

    Regardless of the recipe, the ideal internal temperature should be about 150 degrees. Use a meat thermometer. Check the internal temperature of the meat when it starts to look as if it is done and ready to eat.

    Bottom Line

    Pork roasting temperatures vary, but taking the time to prepare a pork roast correctly in accordance with a basic pork roasting recipe is the best way to go. Ideal temperatures fluctuate between 375 and 450 degrees. Remember to preheat the oven.


    How to Cook a Pork Roast

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