• No, it isn't God's doing, because God doesn't exist. How can something that doesn't exist do something other than the act of nonexistence?
  • It's because I told God to do it. People may worship GOd, but God worships Chuck Norris, and Chuck Norris worships me. So anything that I say is true, because I willed it.
  • Either produce your god or stop pestering us with him.
  • Why? Given that the universe exists, it is far more likely that it would have simple, and therefore uniform, laws than it should have complex laws. A God could create a wildly varying universe; raw chance is all that nature can manage. A complex, tailor-made, universe would be much more of an indicator of God than a simple one.
  • You've got it exactly backwards. If the universe didn't conform to natural laws--in other words if it obeyed supernatural laws--we might take that as evidence for god(s) of some kind. You've given no evidence for a god of any type--nor even caused anyone to wonder... One would really hope that you're not so stupid as to think that you have.
  • Just give it up, man. Keep your beliefs to yourself and stop trying to convert people.
  • Exactly which laws would those be? The laws of gravity? The laws of thermodynamics? Conservation of mass-energy? Motion and momentum? The uniform traffic code?
  • Certain things we humans call "laws" are consistent throughout the known universe. Why? This is what the universe is. Why is it necessary to attribute it to a divine entity? If the universe operated by a different set of "laws," might we be sitting here asking why it is those laws and not the ones we know?
  • Let's just say that "God" set the laws of physics in motion. So what, that doesn't translate into the god described in the bible or koran. If there is (was) a god, big if. Then what is done is done and there is no longer a need for it. That god by its own design made it irrelevant. So now it's finished and it is up to us to use the laws and the universe or just disappear and let some other life form evolve that will try to understand and conquer the vastness of it all.
  • No, it's not God's doing. Just because the Universe has law's which apply to every aspect of it, does not infer or imply a God exists.
  • No. It just does what it does, and we watch. Those things that seem to happen the same way all the time we call laws. There's nothing says it HAD to, it just does...
  • Does it? It could just as easily be the work of random chance or the Invisible Pink Unicorn.
  • I suggest that you look at the writings of Victor Stenger, and of Emmy Noether, to see how the physical properties of the universe emerge from the symmetry of the void, without the need for supernatural legislation. See, for example,
  • 1) "Napoleon: “M. Laplace, they tell me you have written this large book on the system of the universe, and have never even mentioned its Creator.” Laplace: ,, “I did not need to make such an assumption.” Napoleon: “Ah! that is a beautiful assumption; it explains many things.” Laplace: “This hypothesis, Sir, does explain everything, but does not permit to predict anything. As a scholar, I must provide you with works permitting predictions.”" Source and further information: 2) Atheists don't have a belief for any god, so don't insist.

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