• You must be referring to the aluminum in anti perspirants that can cause alzheimers? I use them anyway
  • I use deodorants but not body sprays. I don't look up any possible side effects, I just use it. +5
  • Side effects? Am I going to get cancer by body spray and deodorants now? JEEZ!
  • they are both so not harmful, but you may use a body butter it smells better, lasts longer then a body spray and it all comes from nature like "body shop" and body sprays are not so harmful it self, so be aware that its okey to use it as long as its not in sensitive areas of your body but i recommend you of body butter, it smells better and more natural
  • anti perspirants only. Just cant bear to be without it.+5
  • I use them anyway...I don't want to stink!
  • I just use them. I figure if the smoking doesn't kill me the toxic waste in the atmosphere will. I don't sweat the body sprays, ya know?
  • As a health science instructor, I know the side effects of all sorts of various chemicals. I do not use these types of products at all, ever. Frequent washing and a controlled diet, along with constant breathing control and blood shunting via muscle control will keep my body from over heating, so the type of product you mention is not needed by people like me.
  • I use a natural mineral salts "stone" which acts as a natural antimicrobial agent.
  • I do, and no....I have never looked up the possible side effects.
  • i go ahead and use them
  • I only use underarm deodorant, I rarely use any perfumes, or things like that. There was a deodorant I was using that was causing me to itch profusely but it took me a while to realize that the deodorant was the problem, hahaha! All better now. :-)
  • I just go ahead and use them. I never really thought about it until this question. +5

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