• cos their brain are growing!
  • Because they trust adult opinions when they're young.
  • It's how they learn about that which they ask as well as exercising their ability to communicate.
  • It's how we as humans learn and it's also a way of interacting and communicating for children. They don't know how to just start a conversation sometimes so they'll ask "Why?" questions by the hour.
  • Because they don't have the knowledge to answer most of their questions themselves. +%
  • because there young and dumb
  • There is so much to learn!
  • Because they are continuous learners. In fact, so are adults but a lot of them won't even acknowledge that fact. They prefer to look confident by pretending knowing everything instead of admitting to the fact they are still learning every single day.
  • i don't know keith, why do they? haha!
  • The child brain is a sponge. It absorbs knowledge. During the "question years" your child is forming what we call "reality". . They may be annoying to you but they are all fresh knowledge to the kid. . If you wish to have your child become a self thinking self aware and worldly person when they are adults, NOW IS THE TIME TO ENCOURAGE THEM TO QUESTION THE WORLD AROUND THEM. . Answer every question with full logical answers. If you do not know the answer, find out together. . Too busy with work to do this? QUIT YOUR JOB. . You must understand that effort put in now will show results for the rest of their life. . This can eventually make them rich and secure your retirement too. . This is not a time to do anything else but feed that brain. GOT IT?
  • Curious minds. +5
  • They are still are on "developing" stage. . if they always ask, it's acceptable if they're still asking always on their adult age, send them back to gradeschool. .
  • because their brains are like sponges
  • Because their curious. +5
  • Because there are so many things they, like all of us, don't know. . And, unlike many of us adults, they KNOW they don't know them and they aren't ashamed to ask. . Bless 'em. We could all learn something from them.
  • My friends' baby is one year old and he has been talking for a while. He says, "What's that?", then points to everything. He is learning how to name things and is increasing his vocabulary daily. Kids are naturally curious also. The world is a wonder to them. It would be like us visiting another planet.
  • Because the only way to know for them is to ask someone else. There is also the fact that they are much less afraid to ask them than most other age groups.

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