• I have no idea, and yes god is a concept created by religion. +6
  • It means they have a belief in God, but don't agree that they need to follow every custom and whim of a church.
  • I think they mean formal religion. Some churches are mult-national organisations with specific beliefs, practices and interpretations of the Bible. You don't have to belong to a church to believe in God.
  • If they believe, I imagine that for them it is the other way around. They believe God exists(ed). Religion(s) are something man created based on His teachings. . There are many different religions, some of them to greater or lesser degree contrary. They can't all be right! . So if I believed that God exists, but did not believe that any religion had the absolute truth, that it was created by fallible people on the basis of thier personal interpretations, i wold believe in God but not any or all religions.
  • I'm not being smart or sarcastic but the reason COULD be something as simple as "that's the way they feel". People who share this perspective were probably raised to believe in God so they wouldn't think of feeling any other way. But for whatever reason, they've decided not to attend church regularly and they may or may not read the Bible or do those things they associate "religious people" doing. Therefore, they don't consider themselves "religious". It has nothing to do with examining the origin of religions. Personally speaking, I consider myself "spiritual". That means, I don't go to church or read the Bible either. I gather my information and form my perspective of God from "non-traditional" sources AND my own personal experience.
  • If you read the New Testament you will see that the Pharasee's and the saducee's were called Religeous By Jesus Himself along with vipors and they were the ones who had Jesus killed. These religeous people were the ones who stood in the temple in their fancy robes for everyone to see. Jesus wore simple clothes and spoke only of His Father and not Himself. so that is probably why Christians say they are not religeous, but believe in God.
  • There is a difference between being religious and spiritual. Some are religious and spiritual, others spiritual and not religious. We read of surveys of people who believe there is "something" out there but don't belong to a religion. Religion didn't "create" God: that is a nonsense. On the other hand I suppose we do tend to "create" our own gods in our imagination far removed from the real God. The most skilled at creating imaginary gods are the atheists who presumably do so in order to "prove" they don't exist!
  • probably cause theyre talking about a relationship with god and not a religion
  • Not really...Religion is what happens when a belief system is organized...and even then not properly. Abraham was living in UR , an ancient city, but believed in a singular god. This god was Jehovah who sent an angel to tell Abraham to leave the city and live from then on in become a nomad. Only when others joined Abraham in his belief could they be called a religion. Organised belief systems could very well have existed in UR before Abraham was visited. Abraham was the start of MONOTHEISM...
  • No. God is an entity that has always existed. Religion explains Him.
    • pugwashjw65
      Hi Linda.. the question was " what explains religion?" and not religion explains God.
  • You're wrong on both counts. What people actually mean is, they are believers in the "spiritual" or "transcendent" mainly. Though there are other concepts out there. "Religion" like "empire" is a modern misunderstood concept which people today are largely ignorant of. Most people who have simple minded views on religion, as you do, seem to think it's some sort of "race" or "nationality". Where all the "individuals" are the same and follow one set of rules. This is obviously not the case.
    • pugwashjw65
      For JSHM...In each particular religion, the individuals DO follow the one set of rules...even if wrong. There can BE only ONE creating God and the Bible states Jesus as his son and helper. Proverbs 8: 22-31...Jesus was Jehovah's very first creation . And Jehovah does NOT have multiple sets of rules to cater for his ONE creation//US...So only one organized group can be acceptable...And we find that group by seeing out of all the religions in the world...the ONE that is being properly obedient...1. Using almighty God's proper name [ Jehovah ] and being obedient to what Jesus asked...Mark 9:7...Matthew 28: 19,20...and taking the ' good news' to the world...Matthew 24:14...
  • Look up the word Religion. I heard a Seventh-Day Adventist pastor preach about this concept. God can be used to mean entirely different things. There are people who claim to be believers, but only remember God during the holidays. They are known as seers and not necessarily religious. Then there are people who adapt their religious beliefs into their lifestyle to be what the Bible describes as doers. Matthew 7:24 "Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock."
    • pugwashjw65
      All but ONE religious group are those that built on sand...and the flood came and washed them all away...The obedient ones wait on Armageddon to prove it. (Revelation 6:2) And I saw, and look! a white horse, and the one seated on it had a bow; and a crown was given him, and he went out conquering and to complete his conquest.
    • Jenny Rizzo
      Quote: "All but ONE religious group are those that built on sand..." According to my answer which is in detail and according to your comment, you forgot to mention which religious group has built or is building his or her house on the rock. Too funny! lol
  • It's means they have a personal idea of God with no religious affiliation. Religion means :- Religion is a cultural system of designated behaviours and practices, morals, worldviews, texts, sanctified places, prophecies, ethics, or organizations, that relates humanity to supernatural, transcendental, or spiritual elements. God: - In monotheistic thought, God is conceived of as the Supreme Being and the principal object of faith. Hence, for example some will believe in God, but will not go to church to participate in church activities.
  • People have stopped supporting religion because of their unloving attitude...and threats of violence if they do not comply...with man made rules...example ...crossing oneself as a mark of respect where in fact Jesus was not killed on a cross...He was killed on a upright pole or even a tree...WITH NO CROSSBAR... A proper study of scripture will reveal all these religious UNTRUTHS.
    • Jenny Rizzo
      It seems like you are more concerned about publishing the Jehovah's Witness propaganda than to touch on the subject. What Christian denominations are making "threats of violence to their members if they don't comply?"
  • "I don't believe in God, but I'm afraid of him." - Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • Revelation 1:8
    • pugwashjw65
      (Revelation 1:8) ?I am the Alʹpha and the O?meʹga,? says Jehovah God, ?the One who is and who was and who is coming, the Almighty.? Jehovah is " almighty" God...and is coming in that he is sending Jesus... (Revelation 6:2) And I saw, and look! a white horse, and the one seated on it had a bow; and a crown was given him, and he went out conquering and to complete his conquest. Jesus prayed to his father Jehovah so is under Jehovah's direction... .and is the one who will eliminate wickedness...again under Jehovah's direction.
  • Religion isn't a requirement to believe in God.
  • they believe in having a relationship with god

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