• You can kick her out. My mother did when I was 18 because I wilded out also and now that I'm older I see that I was in the wrong and should have had more respect for my mother.
  • i would ask her to move out and go sow her wild oats outside of my boundary and when she is ready to respect my boundaries and would like some mature help then come back for a visit and we'll move on from there
  • Don't give her the weekly allowance.
  • I wouldn't punish her, I would kick her out of the house. She is not a child any longer and old enough to grow up. She is behaving irresponsibly, and living out on her own would force her to become responsible for herself.
  • excuse me ...she is 19 and an adult, maybe if YOU start treating and respecting her as one she may return it to you
  • You're enabling her behavior by treating her as a child. She's an adult, by age, so let her find her own way on her own. Tough works most of the time.
  • well firs of all whatever you do obiously she is not gonna like it and she is still gonna do whatever she wants and even more often. its too late for you to control her but since she is living in your house u could always try to work something out with her like make her work' for her to get permission to get home late . like my mother used to say if you cant deal with the enemy get along with the enemy.
  • Is she paying rent? If she is, she should be free to do what she pleases. IF not, though, tell her she is either paying rent or you are kicking her out. Fact is, she is an adult, so if she is living under your house for free, you have the right to make rules about what time to come home, etc. If she is paying rent, well, she is acting as an adult and should be allowed to come home whenever. However, you can still put up rules like no drinking in the house (she is under 21) and no parties etc.
  • Does she pay rent? If not then start there. Then does she pay for her part of the eletric bill? If not there is something else for her. Does she pay for food water and everything else that comes when living in a house? If she doesn't want to play by the rules then make her pay in order to keep living there.
  • Time for instant tough love. Change the locks.
  • What did you tell her the consequenses would be? She is an adult, if she wants to live like one, she should get her own place, then she can. Tell her she has 30 days to move.
  • kick her out! the school of hard knocks is what she needs !
  • She is an adult and can be out on her own. If she lives in your house she needs to abide by your rules. Her choice!! If she can't follow your rules, out she goes. She needs to learn to accept responsibility and to live a responsible life. Excusing her isn't helping.
  • At 19yrs old it is rather TOO LATE to teach discipline! If she DOESN'T understand that it IS YOUR HOUSE AND YOUR RULES. . . . .then maybe she'll understand the "street's" rules! Tough love?! Yeah. . . . .but that was a choice YOU made years ago! How do I know that? She WOULDN'T be disrespecting you NOW. . . .had you taught her differently growing up!
  • Man that is a tough predicament. I mean I went through a phase like that when I was her age, but never got kicked out of school for it. I was never much of a drinker but the curfew thing. Well lets just say she is an adult technically so curfew should be a little better than that, but if you are the one financially supporting her then you have every right to impose curfew on her. Secondly I got fed up with my mom's rules and moved out for a few months. Yes, I learned my lesson. Its hard to live in the real world and support yourself. So my advice..would be (a) if she doesn't have a job she needs to get one (b) if she doesn't like your rules then she needs to find somewhere else to live (c) she will always be welcome to come back if she can abide by your rules and help herself. But I moved out got a real job my mom ended my curfew once I paid for stuff by myself. But good luck tough thing to go through.
  • scare her so she could think about it tell her that she will die and she would loose her mind tell her any thing you want shes youre daughter youre more stronger and more biger youre bigger than her fight and compete face please do what i said i scared my duaghter like that she was drinking to mucg alcohol during pregnancy food thing she did not loose her baby im a im a 20 years old mom and im a very young grandmother and my duaghter is 13 and she had a baby that was unbelieveable and she is single and every thing so do what i say................. i hope you do what i said
  • If she's not in college, she should be working, at least 50 hours a week. She has way too much time on her hands.
  • Well; let's see ... It is YOUR home ... So YOU make the RULES. If little miss "I Got Kicked Out Of College" doesn't want to abide by them ... tell her to pack her bags and hit the bricks as you are under NO obligation to take care of a spoiled little brat who thinks the world owes her a living ... Also; tell her that she WILL find a JOB doing for 40 Hours per week and WILL contribute a MINIMUM of $50 a week to the household expenses .... Tough love now will help you not visit her in Jail or the morgue in the future ... +5
  • It's too late. She will either become mature on her own, or not at all. I recommend that you explain to her that when she lives in your house, she has to abide by your rules, and that if she cannot do so, she will have to leave. Give her a definite date by which this must happen, and if it doesn't, then make her leave. Call the police if necessary.
  • I'm afraid it's time for some tough love. Either she toes the line & stops this behavor or you have no choice but to kick her out.
  • Don't kick her out. That's just cruel and she'll likely hate you for quite a bit longer then you think if you do. You cant tell me you've never made a mistake in your life. However she does need to at least get a job. +3
  • you can't control her, punish her or force her to live by your rules...what you can do is put her out...if she won't live by your rules then she needs to go get her own place where she can make her own rules. if she can't get her own place she can go to a shelter...depending on where you are at or where she is willing to go, Covenant House is a great place for teens...1-800-999-9999.
  • I have a 19 year old daughter still living at home. She goes to college AND works. As long as she's in school, I don't charge her rent, but she is expected to abide by MY rules... If she doesn't like MY rules, there are many other places she can go. She is an adult, afterall.
  • 8:04 -- "Around here, you gonna work or go to school. The first of the month, the rent is due. If you ain't got nothin' on the table, you ain't got to worry about catchin' a dog. You gotta worry about a dog catching your ass!"
  • Tell her that she is living in YOUR house, so YOU get to make the rules. If she breaks these rules, she will be kicked out. Also, she's an adult living in your home, and she is not at school anymore. Tell her that she needs to start paying you weekly rent, starting NOW. She is to go out and get a job. If she doesn't pay her rent, she's OUT. If she can manage to get back into some sort of schooling, then she can live with you rent free. But no school = must pay rent.
  • If shes not abiding by rules but not working, going to school or chipping in mortage or food wise boot her. I learned that way. Last time i had to stay with my dad for 3 months, husband was at training, had surgery and someone had to moniter me for the time i did laundry and cooked. If i went out i made sure to come back at least 10 mins before he wanted me home, else id call and say what issue was.
  • I would give her one final warning, "Break the house rules and you are out of the house." Then if she breaks them one more time by sneaking out, pack all of her stuff into boxes and let her find them on the sidewalk along with changed locks and an ABSOLUTE refusal to let her back in.

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