• Very difficult. These kind of people are in the minority. If you remain a user on AB for awhile, you'll find out that I'm one of them.
  • Good question,and it is difficult as to who you can really trust these days, i try to but you are always wondering what is really going through that persons mind, and are they genuine .it is a hard one to work out .
  • i dont mind if he has hidden agenda or not,until he will remain to faithful to me.
  • I don't have a hidden agenda. I have a hundred hidden agendas.
  • hard indeed, but eventually a person's true colors will emerge, it's just a matter of when. Sadly it can take years for the masters of munipulation to show you who they really are.
  • Nearly impossible, IMHO. +5
  • To put it bluntly, damn hard!
  • If you are talking about somebody who has a malicious agenda for doing something then I'd like to think that they are in the minority rather than the majority. I would say it's more common to find people who will befriend somebody because it would be beneficial for them, career wise, attracted to one of their friends or otherwise. Irrelevant of what a person says, your own interests are on every bodies list of priorities, however few people have a hidden agenda in the way I think your question is being asked. People on the whole are nice.
  • I've found many in my Church. Not all though.
  • Not very hard at all. In fact I always find that it's not very nice and untrustworthy people who complain about others not being "nice" or "duplicitous" in their dealing. You could say it's a reflection of themselves they see in others. Hence why thieves don't trust others as they assume everyone is a thief like them.

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