• Yes, this is typical behavior for many low-life's.... including wife beaters!
  • then why do you stick around??? if it's an awful marriage, why not make your life better and leave?
  • Sounds like a very insecure person. He doesn't feel good about himself and wants others to feel bad too!
  • The Joker, Interesting you say that. My h is emotionally, physically, and verbally abusive. The best part is he said I make him act like that. It's my fault he's abusive. What a piece of sh.. I am so mentally beaten down, but I am not taking the steps to leave. In my heart I don't want to live another day w/ this person nevermind years from now. I attend counseling, he refuses. I need to get strength and move forward.
  • What a mean husband to treat his wife so badly. He's trying to scare and control you. No one would care about you or treat you as good as he does??? Well, that is a scary thought. It is nonsense too, he isn't treating you well at all. He needs help.
  • You're stuck in an awful marriage because you are insecure, have low self esteem and believe him. He couldn't be more wrong but until you do something to help yourself realize that, you'll probably stay stuck. I hope you're able to get some counseling so you don't let your entire life pass you by like this.
  • Very simply put karen, you are "stuck in this awful marriage" because that is where you choose to be. Me I would be walking on out the door, telling the man exactly where he can go and give him directions on how to get there! He holds nothing on you remember that, you are strong, just dont ever let anyone tell you or treat you as if you are 2nd best, screw he (not in the physical sense) You have I am sure a lot going for you....Cut yourself a break and get out of that situation. . There is truth to the saying "when you're going through hell keep on going...Don't look back"
  • There is no such thing as "stuck in an awful marriage" anymore. If you choose to stay and be miserable, do so. If you choose to live your life without being miserable, leave. Unless you are tied to the house without a phone to call 911, you are not stuck in an awful marriage.
  • Im coming round there now! to punch him in the face!
  • not really an indication of cheating, but it is an indication of depression. He is projecting his depression onto you. he thinks YOU are miserable with him becasue HE is miserable with him. He says no one else will treat you good because he fears you leaving him. Seek treatment!
  • It's nothing but psychological abuse and manipulation.
  • Marriage counseling or individual counseling for you. Without it you'll eventually be talking to a divorce lawyer.

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