• That's a complete turn off for me! I can't speak for the rest of women everywhere.
  • personally i likea guy when he's a bit more scruffy
  • No- I'm attracted to a nice sense of style, though. This means he could have some things from an opshop, created a snazzy outfit, and made it look better than a high fashion, $8000 outfit. Putting one's personal flavour into their outfits does not have to be done expensively. Then again, a guy could be wearing some expensive clothing that doesn't appear so, is a great site for checking out such outfits (and also expensive ones that look expensive) Great street fashion site :] And at the end of the day, as I always say- looks reel you in, personality keeps you there.
  • yes and shaven all the time too
  • No, because I don't know any, therefore I wouldn't like that at all.
  • loll..just wanted to see the responses. VERY interesting as Charlie Chan would have said! Personally, like to wear nice clothes. See some don't like that. Find that, well, different. +5
  • Suby, this is what i wear 90 percent of the time..
  • i like to see a guy wearing his best on special occasions. if its all the time, then it means less when its time to dress up and it kind of makes him sort of a 'dandy'.. if its just once in awhile it makes the special occasions more special and ill be attracted to his effort to try to make it so :)
  • Doing something "all the time" dulls any sensations. But I wish my hubby would wear less T-Shirts and more dressy shirts...It is possible to dress nicely even when being a full-time camper. Seeing him in normal shoes instead of in flip-flops does something to me already, let alone seeing him in his suit - his only one left...I just melt when I see pictures of him from earlier times nicely dressed. I don't seem to be the only one thinking so....when we were in a "Mc Donalds" the last time amidst sloppy dressed people a business guy came in in full business suit regalia. You could see the eyes of women get as big as a moon....
  • nope, only on special occasions. however I am not straight.
  • Maybe first attraction but I would hope they would eventually look at the man wearing the clothes and judge him on other things.
  • I honestly can't tell how much a guy spends on clothes. If he has good hygine and his style doesn't put me off, then I really don't care. Holes in the clothes are a bit much, so they at least have to buy better shirts and pants when that happens. This may seem shallow, but at least I have limits!
  • I guess I am meant to be single. Unless I am at a nice paying job that requires me to dress up, I wear mocs/sneakers, cargo pants and a tshirt/polo style shirt. Dress clothes put me off because of some society in general labeling people as 'quality' just for wearing something like that. just as I refuse to buy popular and name brand items for the same reasons.
  • Women vary in their individual taste. However... In general, women are attracted to high-status men. Wearing expensive/stylish clothing is one way for men to broadcast that they are wealthy (which equates to high status in most cases). The same thing with expensive cars. Most women don't give two figs about the car itself, but an expensive car means that the driver is wealthy/high status. That attracts them. . . .
  • Not myself personally..but yes lots of women would as it indicates that the guy has money..
  • Not this woman. I can only speak for myself of course! :)
  • I wear expensive clothes when I go out on appointments and meetings. Other than that I just wear jeans, boots and t-shirts. Never noticed a difference in what woman thought. It seems they just like the way you carry yourself and your personality. I do get more compliments when I am in a suit though. +5 Suby. Thanks for the friend's request and have a great day. Best, Jonathan

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