• The sort that comes in a can.
  • vadge lol
  • The spam that I get. I don't much care about other people's spam to tell the truth.
  • The only spam that bothers me is cell phone spam. The other ones I can completely avoid and get away from, but this one I can't. I feel an obligation to open every text message I get, because I feel some burning desire to know what's inside. It's always aggravating when it's something I didn't ask for and/or don't care about.
  • Chain letters.
  • The Kind in a can. Just kidding..chain letters and letters from unknown senders
  • viagra and cialis!!!! I am so over a ll the sex implants and pills!
  • I really dont like advance fee fraud…. The ‘Advance Fee’ fraud has been around for generations and it will continue to be one of the biggest forms of email threat…because it works. Two oft-posed questions are “how could they be so stupid?”, and “surely everyone is aware of these scams by now?” This involves sending emails or faxes to potential victims around the world, offering a highly attractive but false financial deal. Commonly the criminal says they need help in getting money out of the country with promises to share the rewards with the victim. In 2006, a report by a research group concluded that Internet scams in which criminals use information they trick from gullible victims and commonly strip their bank accounts cost the United Kingdom economy £150 million per year, with the average victim losing £31,000.
  • The male enhancement ads.
  • The spam for viagra that makes no sense! Like this one I got today: "f y e t her cushion zooming neatly into the box.complied with the rule about Muggle dressing so thoroughly that he couldHarry got up. The Gryffindors all along the table were applauding him" I mean really, WTF?
  • anything that involves the word PENIS
  • Chain mail.
  • I despise chain letters. And then there are those cialis and viagra or "male enhancement" emails. Yeah...I'm a woman....I don't really have any ED issues...
  • The ones that say "Earn up to $2000 a day" - what a crock! :I
  • the damn prescription pill crap(tho I would like some vicodin)
  • "hung Like a Horse" etc. Awful. Nr. 2 would be the "Earn Millions in a week" messages.
  • The ones that read "Guys, Impress your woman with a bigger ......." I think that would kind of hard for me to do, I'm a woman and lasttime I was at the doctor he confirmed it!
  • Viagra.
  • Tesco's own brand.
  • Any at all.
  • when the can is older than the usuable date and the can is bulging out.
  • The ones that are phishing for info by spoofing real emails (fraud) are bad... As are the ones that tell you you have got money in some offshore (or domestic) account, or offer you work-at-home jobs that pay well are tempting to some - See and it's links. Though the ones that appear to be notes from friends or people you've met on the 'net and lead you to DL a virus or other malware are pretty damn bad, too... See .
  • The porno kind!
  • The worst kind of spam is the stuff that looks legitimate like storage solutions, or management software ads. You actually take time to read it because you may have opted in at one time, then when you click it takes you to an ad that says your box is infected and you need to scan now. My spam filter stops most v1gra and c1ali4s ads but not stuff that looks legit.
  • tv commercials, billbords, clothing and acessories with logos, ipods, people that show off their new ipods

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