• I refuse on the basis of my belief that to engage in pedantic verbosity by the means of cybernetic posting of extended and complex textual messages is counter-productive to the achievement of fulfilling inter-personal relations.
  • Shouldn't the first sentence in your question end with a question mark? And shouldn't there be a comma in there?
  • My balls are itching. Sophisticated enough for you?
  • Okay...You are invited to go to the theological place of eternal punishment!
  • Pomposity, like profanity, is the crutch of the intellectual cripple. Howzat, mate! ;D
  • You think you have the chops to joust with me, Sharona, the omniscient, the iconoclastic, the effervescent?
  • Using big words does not a smart person make.
  • apprehend this inquirement? good thing you remain anonymous you are the lowest form of AB troll, not only are you pompous, you hide behind the veil of anonymity. PUSSY! or so you may comprehend, human female sexual reproductive organ
  • Sedulously eschew obfuscatory hyper verbosity or prolixity.
  • Quite. First of all, your compositional eloquence is somewhat lacking in veracity as illustrated by your choice of vocabulary ("inquirement" is a fabrication) and failure to properly punctuate your sentences. Additionally, "sesquipedalian", as a noun, means "a very long word". "Sesquipedalians", therefore, is the plural form which means "very long words". So the sentence "Thank you fellow sesquipedalians" is actually properly written as "Thank you fellow sesquipedalian orators." Ere you expound your erudite claims of grandiose postulations, you should endeavor to achieve perfection in your own scribings, lest you come across as a bounderish bore. :):):)
  • 1. Inquirement is not a word. 2. "Get off this post"? What? Am I physically sitting on my computer displaying your silly question? You would have done better to state simply to disregard it. 3. Philological jousting may indeed prove erudition but may fail to entertain.
  • How come so many people took this guy seriously; he / she's obviously just having a laugh.
  • Your responses are hysterical. Keep it up.
  • Verbosity is usually a sign of overcompensation, not intellectual ability or cerebral depth.
  • Sorry, but I always try to eschew obfuscations.

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