• I discouraged it
  • Yes, let them pet the animals. There is no harm in that and if you are that worried about germs, carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you so they can clean their hands afterwards.
  • Yes - and they should be allowed to jump in puddles, kick leaves and get dirty too! Of course, hygiene is a factor in looking after young children but you shouldn't stop them doing everything that might bring them into contact with germs - teach them about washing hands etc as you go! Now, if your underlying question is "should the petting farms with identified cases of E-coli been shut earlier?" That is an entirely different circumstance!
  • I see no problem with it...if you didn't let them pat the animals it would just be called a looking farm. Just carry some hand sanitizer to ward off germs if that is what you are worried about.
  • Work for me -hence the name. Don't have to, not required to go.
  • Might not be a good idea. -animals carry germs -children often end up hurting the animals by touching them the wrong way or in the wrong place. I notice that many children tend to poke the animals instead of stroking or petting them. In addition most animals don't like being touched in their orifices. -if the child sticks its fingers in the animals' mouth expect some biting to happen -animals with horns (mainly goats) will buck a child if they feel molested and animals that defend themselves by kicking (miniature donkeys and horses) if yo stand behind them. -some animals may beome aggressive when they realize you have food and can easily knock a child over. -pigs can bite and it hurts -children usually don't pay attention to the piles of manure and puddles of urine that the animals leave in abundance. -not all the animals are domesticated and may merely be tamed. Tamed animals occasionally give in to wild tendencies.
  • only if you really want them to get the runs...or you make sure they really wash their hands afterwards and then use hand sanitizer. lots of germies floating around the zoo
  • Sure, as long as you have a couple of those little bottles of hand sanitizer with you.
  • Serousily? I live in Alabama so I guess I am redneck ahaha I went to petting zoos as a child and I am perfectly healthy, please stop being over protective and let your children be kids. I have petted all kinds of animals, and I have never gotten sick from it. The chances of getting sick from something like that is so small it is not even worth stressing. We have found baby deer and picked them up straight out of the wild, baby ducks, any kind of animal we saw. Animals are not going to hurt your kids and if it does accidently knock your kid over and bite him or her, they will learn a good lesson.

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