• If you clean yourself thoroughly and properly after sex, you should be able to significantly reduce the risk of any sperm "hanging around" - for lack of a better phrase. I have to ask, though, are you trying to become pregnant? If not, then I would strongly recommend the use of a condom during sex, to greatly reduce your chances of an unwanted pregnancy. As you seem to be aware, sperm can live in the vagina for up to a few days after ejaculation, and during this time, pregnancy can occur. But, to answer your question, it's not really a matter of which sperm was there first. It's a matter of the strongest, most determined swimmer. That could be any one of the millions of sperm that are released when your partner ejaculates. Good luck, and seriously - think about using protection, and always make sure that you are thoroughly cleaning yourself after sex, to avoid painful infections and UTI's.
  • The sperm that already waiting will fertilize the ovum after ovulation as the sperms have life time of about 3-7 days duration before they become inactive and unable to fertilize . The ova will take the most active sperm and the highly motile one .

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