• That all depends on what you need to do. You can do almost all the same things with JS and VB. What I have found in past is that vbscript doesn't work well in other browsers other than IE. That might be of concern. I use VBScript to do windows controls in our network environment. For example, i can have a web page which can add DNS suffix under ip properties by simply opening the page. Ofcourse, the server has to be trusted. But from my experience of being web developer/IT guy, i have seen about 90% use JS and about 10% use vb because they "have" to. If you already know VBScript, than by all means use what you know. But keep in mind the compatibility issue.
  • If you want to use a scripting language that will be run on a user's computer when that user loads a webpage, learn JavaScript. VBScript can be used with webpages, but will only be run by Internet Explorer. Other web browsers, such as Safari or Firefox, will not run client-side VBScript on a webpage. If you want to learn a scripting language for scripting just on your computer, on your Windows network, or for ASP 3.0, then it really doesn't make that much of a difference.

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