• No. Baseball is too boring.
  • Yes, It's always great to have Team USA competing with other countries for the gold metal.
  • If you ask me(and you are) Baseball was really boring as a professional sport.
  • Darn right :)
  • Hell yeah!!! Son. God damn it should be an Olympic sport!!!!!! The only reason it isn't is because the world knows that America would win for all eternity.
  • I wish. I don't understand how it got the boot. I wish there was a way to let the MLB players play like they do in the WBC and let some of the world's country's come up with Dream Teams and maybe it would be more popular. But that will never happen...
  • Baseball is called rounders in other countries. It is a simple game played by young children with a stick and a ball. It does not belong at the Olympics but perhaps the junior Olympics.
  • Yes, there are at least a dozen countries that have organized leagues.
  • If you are not a baseball fan, the game is boring. If you are a fan, it's not. It's a matter of personal preference (like most things). However, if synchronized swimming and badminton qualify as Olympic "events," there's no reason baseball should not. I say bring it back.
  • No. There are not enough countries in the world that are competive enough. Therefore only a handful of countries can take part.
  • Yes. It is a sport that is enjoyed by millions. Soccer sucks and they still do that. You couldn't pay me to sit through one of those games. So, obviously, it's a matter of personal preference and millions of people prefer baseball so they should both be in.
  • For some reason,international countries will never enjoy baseball as much as us Americans do. I don't see why they don't like it. It's better than their sports. So it should be a TOP Olympic sport.
  • Really not important anymore...they started the world Baseball Classic a few years ago where the best players from around the world compete for their countries every few years .They also have it in march before the baseball season so major leagers can participate . The first 2 have been great!

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